Special Equipment Needs:

Air Skates, Pneumatic Skates, Steel Plating, Lexan, Jacks, Floor Covering, Winch Straps, Toe Jacks, Heavy Duty Forklifts, Scissor Lift, Hydraulic Jacks, Heavy Duty Pallet Jacks, J Bars, Ladders, Kickbacks, Masonite Floor Protection

Job Specific Trailers, Lowboys, Flatbeds, Drop Decks, Climate Control, Conestoga Wagons, Open and Closed Top Containers, Flat Racks and RORO 

Crating, Uncrating and Debris Removal

Install, Deinstall and Light Assembly Services

Full Rigging Services spanning multi levels of machinery and equipment including but not limited to:

Fabrication Equipment             CNC Machinery           Press Brakes                             Medical Equipment                   Tool Rooms                 Maintenance Equipment        
Reactors                                    Boilers & Tanks          Kilns

Air Dryers                                  Stamp Presses           Paint Rooms
Injection Molding Machines       Printing Presses         Production Equipment


Whether moving a single delicate machine from one corner of the plant to another or relocating an entire factory halfway across the country; rest assured  Dedicated Transport Service’s Machinery Movers specialize in providing you complete, safe and damage free  rigging and transport services.

Our familiarity with the nuances of moving large machines and our experience handling industrial equipment and machinery should designate us as your logical choice for a stress free move.

Customers come to us for our unique blend of skill, equipment, service, dependability and care. We take pride in having what it takes to get things accomplished right the first time, every time.